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I was very fortunate to discover the Southwest Wildlife Online Tracking Training course shortly after I began tracking.  The course is comprehensive and all-encompassing.  The guidance and coaching I received was at once expert, knowledgeable, gentle and informative.  As a direct result of this course, I was able to score a Level 3 on my first Cybertracker Track and Sign Evaluation. 

What Students Say

Terry Hunefeld


Learning to identify animal tracks is hard work, frustrating at times. Teaching methods that provide basic knowledge of animal morphology and patterns of movement allow new trackers to solve problems through systematic deduction. The emphasis is on the *process* of reasoning, given the evidence, rather than the correct answer. Trackers who embrace this process will naturally gravitate towards correctly solving identifications and gait mysteries. It's empowering and the instructors at SWOTT taught me to track this way.

Cybertracker Level IV Track & Sign

Jim Carretta